It is a sub-brand of the company dedicated to the development of its own software supporting the process of traditional and VR film creation. On the basis of the developed technology CD Solutions creates also software for other industries utilizing its expertise in 3D imaging and digital environments creation. The company has three software projects currently under development.


It is 3D interactive product catalogue and configurator engine developed on the basis of our technology. It allows for photorealistic 3D presentation and real-time customization and animation of any product at any angle and with all details. More info at:
Date of release: January 2014.


It is the digital environments real-time creation and modification software that allows fast prototyping of VR films. Being on the prototype phase the solution was already used in pre-production of the first European VR 3D music video produced by Centrala. Planned date of release: 2017


It is a postproduction tracking tool that allows for simple and intuitive exchange of information between all parties involved in the process. All the important data, progress, visual elements are gathered in an always accessible place ready for remarks and reviews and feedback as well as high level overview. CINEFLOW’s closed beta version has been used already in several productions, documentaries and feature films, with next to come this year for further development of the system. Planned date of release: Q1 2017